We believe that the BC School Racism Tracker will play an essential role in identifying and addressing incidents of racism in our schools, and we are honored to support such an important initiative.


Steering Committee , BCCA

I am deeply concerned about the prevalence of racism in our schools. I am grateful for this important product and believe that it will play a role in creating a safer and more inclusive learning environment for all students.

A concerned Parent

Marketing Manager, Technology Industry

Key Outcomes for this tool

  1. Increased reporting of incidents: BC School Racism Tracker will increase the reporting of incidents of racism in BC K-12 schools. This will ensure that incidents are addressed quickly and effectively.

  2. Improved data collection and analysis: BC School Racism Tracker will improve data collection and analysis, helping schools and policymakers identify trends and develop effective strategies to address racism in schools.

  3. Improved support for affected students: BC School Racism Tracker will provide support and resources for students who have been affected by racism, helping them to heal and recover from these incidents.