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Media Source: GoFund Me
Article by: BCCA Staff
Published: April 8th, 2023
Link to GoFund Me

The recent incident involving Mwenda Dyck is a stark reminder of the challenges that our young people face, often resulting in profound injustice. Mwenda, a 23-year-old Agricultural student at the University of Fraser Valley, became a victim of mistaken identity and aggressive police action, which has now jeopardized his future.

Raised in Winnipeg by a family deeply rooted in agriculture and nutrition, Mwenda has always been involved in the community. From spending countless hours learning the intricacies of farming with his father to excelling in sports, his upbringing was filled with learning and growth. However, his recent encounter with plainclothes police officers at a traffic light — where he was mistakenly detained and subsequently hospitalized with injuries including a suspected concussion — casts a shadow over his promising future.

This ordeal highlights the broader systemic issues that continue to plague our justice system, often disproportionately affecting young, innocent individuals like Mwenda. The charges against him not only threaten to derail his studies and future career, but also impose a significant financial burden on his family, who are now facing hefty legal fees to clear his name.

Our community must rally together to support Mwenda during this critical time. By providing financial assistance through this GoFundMe campaign, we can help cover the costs of his legal defence and other related expenses, ensuring he has a fair chance to fight these unjust charges. This support is not just for Mwenda but a stand against the injustices that many young people encounter.

The BC Community Alliance, as a steadfast advocate for the rights and empowerment of youth, recognizes the importance of community support in times of need. By assisting Mwenda, we are reinforcing our commitment to justice and equity, ensuring that no young person has to face such trials alone.

Please join us in supporting Mwenda Dyck by contributing to his legal fund. Your generosity can make a significant difference in his life and serve as a powerful statement against injustice. Let us come together as a community for Mwenda, for justice, and for a future where such incidents are no longer a threat to our youth.

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