BCCA Response to VPD’s Report on Lord Byng Bomb Threat

re: Service or Policy Complaint #2019-015: Hate Speech

The BC Community Alliance is both disappointed and frustrated by the findings of the Vancouver Police Department’s study regarding the Hate Speech at Lord Byng in November of 2018. The VPD’s study has failed to adequately address: 

  1. the Hate Crime Unit’s failure  to pursue a meaningful investigation; 
  2. the VPD’s failure to consult with the families affected by the threats; and 
  3. The VPD’s failure to follow established protocol regarding the uttering of threats against racialized (black) individuals. 

Due to a number of inadequacies highlighted in the Study, the BCCA will request that the Police Complaint Commissioner investigate this report further in order to address the VPD’s systemic shortcoming when addressing hate crimes. The BCCA feels strongly that black community should be involved in responses to anti-black racism. 

To read the full Study please follow the link: Service or Policy Complaint #2019-015

March 31, 2020

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