Article in The Tyee – Police Watchdog Wants Answers on VPD’s Response to Lord Byng Racist Video

Police Watchdog Wants Answers on VPD’s Response to Lord Byng Racist Video

News Source: The Tyee
Article by: Katie Hyslop
Published: 8 May 2020
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‘To us, it’s so obvious that this is impacting the whole community, because we’re hearing from them. You take on the position of somebody that’s being hated on.’ – Markiel Simpson, BCCA.

Eighteen months after a Lord Byng Secondary student made a threatening anti-Black racist video, the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner wants the Vancouver Police Department to account for its actions in the case.

The call for further investigation comes as both good news and a disappointment to the BC Community Alliance, an umbrella organization for Black Vancouverites and their allies.

“We’re happy that the OPCC is holding the police and the Vancouver Police Board to account, but we’re disappointed that the Vancouver Police Board and the Vancouver Police Department aren’t holding the actual accused student to account,” said Markiel Simpson, an alliance member.

“The VPD’s response to racialized hate was inadequate in this circumstance. They haven’t been able to actually discipline the accused student or protect the Black children and families, either.”

The alliance filed a complaint with the commissioner’s office April 8.

Read the full article here.

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